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In our area

Banhoek Lodge is located in the majestic Banhoek Valley, near the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. Our lodge is surrounded by a number of world-renowned attractions and facilities. Our location in the valley allows our guests to travel and explore its gems.

As part of the special events at Banhoek Lodge, we host artists. Join us for The Voice Art Exhibition. Contact Caryn at caryn@banhoeklodge.co.za to book your spot.


Things to do around the Banhoek Valley (pronounced bun-hook)

You are now just about 396 m above sea level. Due to its micro climate the Banhoek Valley is regarded as a distinct wine region within South Africa.

  • Walking and Wining Farm Hike
  • Stellenbosch/Franschhoek Wine Tours
  • Bicycle hire and/or guided mountain bike tours for beginners or the skilled
  • Guided tours
  • Stroll through Babylonstoren’s 200-hectare organic gardens on the other side of the Simonsberg Mountain.
  • Set foot in the original Pniël farmhouse – circa 1785. Pniël Museum accepts any donations and is driven by the locals from this community.
  • Visit the Huguenot Chocolate factory in Franschhoek and eat as much as you can.
  • Take a jog on the Zevenrivieren road (5 km)
  • Hike in the Jonkershoek Nature reserve to some beautiful waterfalls.
  • Visit L'ormarins motor car museum with an immaculate display of vintage and new cars. “A must for any car enthusiast”
  • Tea tasting (1 hour) at Anthonij Rupert Wine Estate.
  • Go for a wine tasting on Horseback in Franschhoek or Stellenbosch.
  • Local Restaurants/Deli’s
    • Tokara Restaurant                            
    • Tokara Deli                                            
    • Boschendal Werf Restaurant            
    • Boschendal Deli      
    • Boschendal Picnics!!          
    •  Delaire Graff Restaurant        
    • Indochine Restaurant (Asian fusion)  
    •  Le Pommier Restaurant/Wine Tasting
    •  Zorgvliet Deli/Picnics      
    • Hillcrest Berry Farm
    • Bartinney (tasting shed and tapas)  
    •  Camberley Café Pavé                            

We will happily assist with organizing any of the above. It is advisable that bookings be made in advance.